Why Rives Banquet Hall?

We've all been to weddings. We've all seen our share of expensive, cheap, hot, cold, good food, bad food, good music, bad music, good lighting, bad lighting, this list could go on and on but there is one thing that is constant, and that is that you have choices. Our philosophy is to let you make the choices because it is your day.  We don't tell you how you have to do anything (well maybe a couple of things, but not many).  Here are a few reasons why we think you will make Rives Banquet Hall your perfect partner to your event.

  • Food - We allow you to bring in your own food. You can cook it or have it catered. It's your choice. 

  • Music - You like your own music. You get to pick your own DJ or play your own playlist.

  • Alcohol - You can't sell it without a license, but you can have it at your event without a license.

  • Air Conditioning - Our dance floor stays cool.

  • Cost - You shouldn't go into debt to get married. We make it affordable.

  • Environment - Very open and fun environment.  You and your guests will enjoy it.

Give us a call, email, text, Facebook post, messenger or however you communicate.
We would love to show you the facility and what we have to offer.