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So what is expected at the end of your event? Well, we expect that you will leave it like you found it. Which basically means that everyone helps out a little. Below is our checklist. 

Cleaning After Your Party

  • Use broom and dustpan to clean up any solid spills on the floor.

  • Use MOP if there are liquid spills on the floor.

  • Use dry mop and spray if there are any other items on the floor.

  • Use spray and rag to wipe down bathroom counters, tables, bar, and buffet

  • You can leave the tables and chairs. But please push chairs under the tables.

  • Check to make sure all decorations are removed.

  • Check to make sure all cords (cell phones, warming pots) are removed.

  • Empty refrigerator.

  • Make sure kitchen sinks do not have food in them.

  • Empty trash from the bathrooms.

  • Tie trash bags and place next to back door. (no liquids)

  • Call or Text Shannon 517-282-8441 that you are ready to leave.